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I recently hooked up with Mr. Hans Fraikin and asked him if he would be so kind as to take a look at a script I was working on and give me his feedback. He was more than willing to do so and proposed we meet for lunch the following month when he would be in Montreal for a few days.

True to his word he got in touch with me when he arrived in Montreal. I brought him a hard copy of my script, had a wonderful lunch, and told him to please be frank with his feedback.

A few weeks later Hans got back to me with what I would call ‘invaluable’ feedback and I am now currently working on a new draft based on this feedback. Looking back I would have to say that every point he made hit the nail on the head and my story has now been propelled to a whole new level. 

If this script ever makes it to the big screen I owe a big part of it to Hans.


Screenwriter/Producer - Equus Films

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