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According to PwC

“This boom is caused, in large part, by an accelerating global demand for content combined with ever more distribution platforms – e.g. 73% of North American movie-goers own more than 4 technology products (i-pad/tablets, smart phones etc)”

“The world-wide market will exceed $110B by 2018 with a CAGR of 4.5% measured from 2013-2018.”

Colin Brown

a respected journalist for Screen International and Slate, also an Advisor to the Dubai Film Festival – in his four part investor White Paper – published by

“There is a wealth of capital chasing the entertainment business”…”Counter-intuitive as it might sound, investment history sides with those who have made bold, early leaps into the dark.”


The ultimate source for impactful entertainment news, providing deep analysis of the entertainment business.

Editor Chris Cabin remarks:“The presumed success of Annabelle: Creation — it’s looking at a $38 million weekend — continues a rather inarguable trend of horror movies with modest budgets embarrassing big-budget productions in terms of money spent vs. money earned at the domestic box office.” August 12, 2017

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